Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our Hearts Go Out to Haiti

I usually place some sort of memorial on this blog for tragedies, and Haiti is no exception. Words cannot express the unfathomable suffering this country must face. Between the massive death toll, the endless injuries and amputations, and the destruction of a city, it is hard to tell a country to hold on and you will get through this. Since words fail me, simply know I care.

On a slightly personal note, I had the opportunity of getting to know my neighbors directly across the street from my home under the most tragic of circumstances. I live in Boca Raton, FL where a number of Lynn University students set off to Haiti to do humanitarian work. The earthquake struck the Montana Hotel in Haiti and 4 young girls and two professors went missing. The others in the group were safely returned home.

My neighbor is Courtney Hayes, one of the students that did not survive the earthquake. She left a mourning family and fiancee. Although her body has not yet returned home, her parents informed my husband that a Navy seal found a lifeless body in her crumbled hotel room. She is believed to have died instantly. Although, I knew this girl merely with hellos, I can't help but be broken hearted for the young man left alone across the street.

To all those lost to this earthquake, may you rest in peace. To all those suffering in this catastrophic tragedy, may you find peace.

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