Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We're Helping to Clean the World

That's right, we're helping to clean the world. We recently donated over 30 pounds of soap (that's over 70 bars of soap) to Clean the World (click here to read more). They are a non-profit organization that accepts lightly used soap from hotels or less than perfect looking soaps from businesses (you know, the kind I put on sale at events). They sterilize the soap, and or rebatch it, package them into small bars of soap, and ship them around the globe in an effort to bring better hygeine to prevent the spread of disease in less fortunate countries. They also work in conjunction with another organization providing jobs to people in special care groups.

Right now, they are shipping all of their soap to Haiti, as the need is so great. We hope that our small contribution can help the quality (and length) of life to those in need.

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